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About Us

Manikin Depot was created with our training and first aid partners in mind. Being 100% Canadian owned and operated , we are built on years of experience in the First Aid & CPR training and AED sales in Ontario and across Canada. We are committed to listening to, learning from, and collaborating with, our customers on how best to address their needs.

Our ability to offer a large variety of products in a range of prices, features, and brands allows us to meet the needs of each organization and instructors and provide the products that are best suited for our customer’s individual needs.

Manikin Depot offers a variety of manikins, first aid supplies, training supplies, manikin simulators as well as AEDs and AED Accessories. As authorized distributors for Prestan, Laerdal, Spectrum Nasco, SAM Medical, SafeCross, ZOLL, Philips, Physio Control, Defibtech, and HeartSine, we are sure to be able to provide you with the products you require.

With so many options and features, we know purchasing the right product can be overwhelming. Our experienced customer service team is able to assist you with finding the products suited to you and your individual needs.

Call us today and one of our experienced customer service team members will be happy to assist you.