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  • SAM Chest Seal Valved 2.0
  • SAM Chest Seal Valved 2.0
  • SAM Chest Seal Valved 2.0
  • SAM Chest Seal Valved 2.0

SAM Chest Seal Valved 2.0

Brand: SAM Medical
Product Code: CS062013

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I want to thank you for your good service. We received the orders (AED and cabinets). I was really happy to receive the free gift, I use a lot of those and it’s one of my fav gift to receive. I also appreciate the time you took to send me a personal message. You’re the best.

Haché, Sopqhie

6 year shelf life, sterile seal, peel/tear packaging

SAM® Chest Seal is engineered to treat, seal, and reseal open chest wounds under most circumstances. After simple and quick application, SAM® Chest Seal sticks relentlessly – through extreme heat or cold, no matter the elements. Meets CoTCCC-preferred features.

Oval seal maximizes surface area for adhesion, dual application tabs help with proper placement, fortified gel adheres with blood, sweat, hair and environmental elements, thin edge layer, nigh vision optimized to allow for visualization at night time.

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